Trust us, we know what you were thinking: “it’s taking forever!”. But some things are worth the wait, because today we will finally be able to reveal the full line-up for #TFD2018. However, we already have something special to share with you right now…


The Netherlands is a small country, with special talents. One of them is that we know how to party like nobody’s business — together! It’s truly no wonder that some of the best DJs in the world are from this little flat country. And The Flying Dutch is pretty darn proud of this.

Once a year, we bring all your favourite Dutch DJs back to the Netherlands. But this year, another special event takes place on June 2nd: Dutch Dance Day! THE moment to honour and celebrate the Dutch dance scene. Because; we know you guys rock at the latter!

Initiative of buma music academy and the flying dutch

Dutch Dance Day is an initiative of Buma Music Academy en The Flying Dutch. Buma is a cultural foundation in the Netherlands that promotes Dutch music. On Saturday June 2nd the Dutch get together to celebrate the countries’ biggest export product – dance music, together during The Flying Dutch in Amsterdam, Eindhoven and Rotterdam. To support this initiative, several activities to bring dance music to the attention of youngsters will take place on different schools in the week leading up to the festival.



This year, more DJs than ever were nominated for a Buma Award in their yearly ceremony, which only underlines what the true TFD-fan already knew: We love dance, dance, dance!

This all makes us curious about what you think is the major highlight of the Dutch dance scene?

Wanna get into Dutch Dance Day with us? Get your tickets now!