“MY NAME is Nick van de Wall, i’M FROM Spijkenisse AND Rotterdam is mY HOMETOWN!”

the boy from Spijkenisse

This guy actually does not require any introduction at all, but we’ll do it anyway. He is one of the best DJs in the world. Afrojack, Nick van der Wall, grew up in Spijkenisse. When he was five years old, he started playing the piano and when he was fourteen he knew for sure what he wanted to be: a DJ. He started playing in clubs around Rotterdam and the rest is history…

Afrojack won a Grammy together with David Guetta for their remix of Madonna’s ‘Revolver’. Check it out:

In 2007 Nick founded his own label: Wall Recordings, representing a lot of new talent. One of his talents is Fais, with whom he released two hits, “Hey” and “Used to Have it All”.

Afrojack’s recent track:

celebrate being dutch

Nick is still the boy-next-door. He loves the typical Dutch down-to-earth mentality  and still loves coming home. “I rather come here than going to a tropical island.”