An icon for over 20 years

Armin van Buuren’s career can’t be summarized in just a few paragraphs. Over 20 years ago, the world got to know a young Armin for the first time. Now, over 20 years later, multiple big successes have been added to his resume.


Number 1 DJ of the world

From 2008 until 2010 van Buuren was crowned number 1 DJ of the world by British magazine DJ Mag. It was the first time an artist received this award four times in a row. Since 2004 van Buuren has always had a spot in the top 4. That’s a record too!

A full arena

In 2017 Armin reached a new milestone in his impressive career. To celebrate 20 years of work in electronic dance music, he threw two shows in the biggest soccer ArenA in the Netherlands showcasing all highlights of the past 20 years. Both nights were sold out and critics praised every bit of it.

Return to The flying dutch!

Armin van Buuren will be back during the 2018 edition of The Flying Dutch and we’re proud to say so. His shows remain endlessly popular, so this one promises to be a good one again!