We all know Leo Roelandschap aka ‘Bizzey’, the hyper-energetic former-emcee from Yellow Claw, from setting stages around the world on fire. Bizzey left the popular act Yellow Claw as the touring schedule became too much for the emcee. He decided to call it a day, but without turning his back on making music! After leaving Yellow Claw, it was ‘Bizzey- time as he channelled all of his (in)famous energy into studio sessions.

His stage-vibe is highly contagious and he is unable to sit still for five minutes off-stage as well! He’s already familiar with The Flying Dutch, as he already hit the three stages during the first edition in 2015. Need some help in the ‘a-ha’ of who’s Bizzey? How about the hits ‘Shotgun’ and ‘Till It Hurts’.


It should be clear by now that Bizzey stands his ground as a solo artist as well. His studio sessions with numerous Dutch artists resulted in the album ‘November’, which was released in 2017. And just like Bizzey, we have a hard time standing still as we go from rhythmic beats with a caribbean vibe to creative lyrics. Hands up for Bizzey!


Bizzey on Social

Can’t wait to see Bizzey buzzing on stage? Make your way to The Flying Dutch on June 2 and check out Bizzey’s socials!