foreign flags

Whoever says The Flying Dutch is solely for a Dutch audience, is very wrong. While we are all about bringing the Dutch DJ heroes home to their native country and celebrating Dutch dance together, we love seeing your foreign flags decorating the red/white/blue crowd. Our photographers managed to capture a few photos with your flags; And so we have seen pictures from flags like Ireland, UK, South-Africa, Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Brazil, and so many more. Take a look at how beautiful you are:

Will’s personal after movie

We feel flattered that we have foreign fans from all over the world, who join us and our Dutch DJ heroes at The Flying Dutch. English fan Will Ward is also one of those foreigne fans who didn’t let the ‘Dutch’ part scare him off. Quite the contrary; he is looking forward to his third edition this year! As he packed to get ready for #TFD2017, he picked up his camera to capture his journey – and he did an awesome job doing so if you’d ask us.

The Dutch bring so much craziness to the music and party scene!” Will explains why he decided to capture it on camera: “I wanted to inspire and encourage people to visit.” And on that note, we’d love to share with you his very own after movie!

Share your memories with us!

As Will is returning this year, give him a high five when you see him and his GoPro! Do you also have epic TFD memories to share? Whether it’s a photo, video, or – just like Will – your personal after movie, feel free to share them with us! Comment on our social media or send them to and perhaps your TFD memory will be eternalized on our social media or website.