How to survive today

Today is Blue Monday, the worst day of the year. So they say. Of course, it can’t always be a party, but we can give you a few tips to get through the day!


Nothing beats going on a holiday, so book your next trip! Whether it’s a trip around the world, two weeks in Greece or a few days to the Belgian Ardennes, every holiday makes you happy. Are you ready for takeoff?

GIF of Guy sitting on top of a model airplane

Help someone else to get through the day

Your friend, father, colleague or pet, everyone loves a compliment. So take the time to give someone around you a genuine compliment. Who knows, you might get a nice comment in return that’ll boost your confidence for the rest of the day.

GIF of Woman saying positive things

Have a big breakfast

Yes, we also forget our breakfast sometimes. But try to have a nice big breakfast today. Take your time, cook up your favourite dish and enjoy. If you happen to find someone who can serve it to you in bed, that would be a big plus.

GIF of Multiple kinds of sandwiches

Start scheduling your festival summer

Go crazy, because there’s enough fun stuff to do this summer!

GIF of Girl waving her hair at festival